Dereck Malone AKA ‘Sniping For Dom’

Vice President and Team Lead Gaming Pro

Dereck has been in the gaming industry for 15 years, 8 years as a content creator for partners including Twitch, Microsoft, Facebook & YouTube, is a top COD team player, and has racked up over 5m unique viewers. Derek is a legend who now utilizes his knowledge and experience to help others follow in his footsteps with Hyperluxe Gaming.


Team Lead Gaming Pro

P11nk has been in the Gaming Industry where she started out as a Tester for Bungie at 12 y/o. She has gone on to become “Women in Gaming, Most Ruthless Female Gamer in Game Informer, Trained Contestants from WCG Ultimate Gamer on syfy channel in Halo MLG Competitions, Competed in 110 Competitions around America and so much more! 2020 P11nk Streamed live for 4 Million Viewers, and was Broadcasted on a Billboard in downtown San Antonio Texas!


Gaming Pro

Going beyond the game to educate, motivate, and inspire." This is Preacher's mantra. As a lifelong gamer and former youth speaker, Preacher is passionate about using his platform to build others up.
In 2018, he took that passion to the live streaming industry and hasn't looked back. Outside of creating content, his skills include graphic design, video editing, marketing, teaching, and public speaking. Additionally, he's created educational video resources for new streamers totaling nearly 3 million views and has worked with various non-profits such as Mission22, StackUp, AFSP (American Foundation for Suicide Prevention), and Urban Arts Partnership, totaling over $10,000 raised. If you want to learn about streaming and building a community, Preacher is your guy.


Gaming Pro

From music to drawing to streaming, Syko has been creating content for close to 25 years. He specializes in making your brand unique and helping it stand out above the rest. With close to 40 million views over multiple platforms, Syko is the go-to Pro for all your content creation needs.


Gaming Pro

A veteran instructor for the United States Army and a lifelong gamer known for his high intensity game play. Dadtality is a former Mixer and Facebook Gaming partner currently showcasing his years worth of FPS skills and knowledge along with his musical talents on Twitch.


Gaming Pro

Dan has been actively designing and creating content for close to 25 years. From computer programming and building, to web and game design, to gaming and streaming; Dan prides himself on his ability to create. With his vast experience, Dan continues to display top level talent within the industry.

Chase Peterson

Gaming Pro

Chase is an entrepreneur, a sports fan, and an Atlanta native where he currently resides with his wife. Chase started his first business at age 18 within the music industry as an event coordinator working with ticketmaster and local venues in the metro area. Since then Chase has held various titles in his career with a total of 10 years experience in management, marketing, sales and consulting working for fortune 500 companies including, Mercedes Benz, DMC Atlanta, Liberty Mutual and State Farm. Currently, Chase owns and operates Premier Esports, an entertainment company with over 20 influencers, a professional esports team fielding teams in 4 games, a lifestyle merchandise company and an esports academy program. Chase founded the company in 2018 and later incorporated in Georgia in January of 2020. Over the last 3 years Chase and Premier have had the pleasure of working alongside top brands and organizations like: Kontrol Freek, Hyperx, StandUp2Cancer, Make a wish, Faze Clan, The Arizona Cardinals, Georgia Scholastic Esports Foundation, the Georgia Game Developers Association and more. Chase also freelances as an independent web developer, animation artist and videographer completing over 100 projects in the last 2 years. 


Gaming Pro

My name is MrMarvelTV and I am your friendly neighborhood Content Creator. Gamer, nerd, geek. Streaming mostly FPS games. Feel welcome, talk to me, and be yourself. Welcome to the #MarvelFam, one of the most interactive communities on twitch!

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